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    Letter from our President 

  To the Members of El Dorado Service League,  It is my great honor and privilege to serve as the president of this organization for the 2023-2024 League year. Since 1936, El Dorado Service League has been working towards making a difference in the lives of children right here in Union County. We work to meet essential needs and create access to significant resources, so the children and families in our community can thrive. In partnership with our generous donors and other local non-profits, our long standing legacy of service has made a significant impact on families in our area.  As we inch further into a post-COVID era of El Dorado Service League, many aspects of our organization are adapting and evolving. With the support of an active membership of 50+ women, our esteemed membership is dedicated to growing and adapting to better represent the residents in the Union County area. Not only is our membership growing and diversifying, but our abilities to meet needs are as well. While social services have remained a staple of El Dorado Service League’s mission, we have been able to use this project as a launchpad and develop a new program. Beyond Basics is a new program that started during the 2022-2023 League year. This project will help to support those needs deemed beyond basic necessities (food, clothing, utilities). League has fulfilled requests spanning from backpacks, sports fees and field trip costs to cap and gowns, prom attire and toys for children entering foster care. Widening our reach with projects like Beyond Basics, allow us to fulfill needs so kids can just focus on being kids, without missing out on the same opportunities as their peers.  We are embarking on another year filled with opportunities to be involved and support League’s efforts in our community. As we move forward, I would like to encourage everyone to play the long game. It is often easy to get tied up and overwhelmed with busy schedules, obligations in and out of the home, and to-do lists running rampant. However if we keep our eyes on the prize (our mission) we will surely keep our perspective in check. El Dorado Service League has been a strong asset in this community for nearly 90 years and my hope is that it continues for as long as the needs of the children require it. Members, this year take ownership in the task you have been assigned and give it all you’ve got. Remember the beneficiary of every phone call made, every dollar raised, every minute of time given in service is a child who just needs a little help to make it to the next step.  I am including a calendar of events for this year as a bird’s eye view of what’s in store as we eagerly anticipate the year ahead. Never hesitate to reach out to me directly with any questions, concerns, or input regarding El Dorado Service League’s work in our community. Together we can strengthen Union County by serving one hour at a time, meeting one need at a time, and helping one child at a time.

Its for the kids,


Gabby Pitard President 20232024 870.814.1169


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